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We LOVE our amazing clients (and their parents too)!  
We are so grateful to have had over 100 amazing friends throughout the years, here are a few pictures of some of them!  

Dog Walking Specials:  For new clients only, can not be combined with other offers.

Dog Walking Special*

Group pack walks are available within a couple blocks of Vine and Lexington.  Contact us and say you saw this special on line to get the special price and get your dog started today! 

We also have a new opening in our schedule for private walks or group walks in the afternoon in the Sunset/Fairfax area.
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*All dogs must be dog friendly and walk well in a pack setting to be admitted to the group walk pack. 

Discount ID: walkSP

Dog Training Special:  For new or current clients, can not be combined with other offers.

New Puppy/Dog in your home intro!  Get professional advice on how to get your new pet settled regarding anything you might need help with such as crate training, potty training, leash training etc.  $75 a session (normally $150). 

Bow Wow Boot Camp Special:  Rescue Dog Specials!  Show your adoption papers and receive $200 off Bow Wow Boot Camp and a donation will be made to your rescue or a local rescue in your name.  Offer only applies for Bow Wow Boot Camp for 7 nights at the trainers location, pick up and drop off charges apply if requesting said services.  Trainer is located a little over an hour outside of West Hollywood.  

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