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Bow Wow Boot Camp:  Cost and length of camp depends on dogs training needs.  Most popular camps where the dog comes and lives w/the trainer for 7 nights is $2500.  We also have 3 night or 5 night camps, depending on where your dog is on obedience and what your dog needs help with.  Camps where the training is done at your home are available in West Hollywood, Studio City, Valley Village and North Hills areas.  Other areas may be arranged for an additional mileage charge depending on the location.  Potty training camps start at $1500. 

Private Training:  Please contact us for rates as each situation is unique, but sessions range from $60-$175 depending on location and certain circumstances (milage can apply depending on the training location).

If you have a rescue dog and have your adoption paperwork, ask about our rescue rates.

We do not train dogs that are on an oral flea medications due to the health issues they are causing and possible death of the pet from taking these products. 

A portion of our profits are donated to Animal Rescue and Spay and Neuter!

PET VISITS AND OVERNIGHTS IN YOUR HOME (For current clients or for referrals, please tell us who you were referred by when you contact us.)

While you are on vacation we offer Pet Visits (45 mins per visit)

1x/ day $32
2x/ day $60
3x/ day $90

Overnight At Your Location

Short Term Overnight Stays $132 (12 hours overnight care)
Walks are not included, potty breaks outside on leash are if the property does not have a yard.

24 Hour Care is provided starting at $250 a day. 

Additional charges apply for pets that need administered medications more than 1x a day.  We do not administer IV fluids or shots.  

Homes with more than 4 pets are charge an additional $5 per pet. 

All service prices reflect the West Hollywood area; mileage is $1 per mile outside of a 3 mile radius.  

No discounts are applied during holidays.  Prices are subject to change.  

Prices current effective January 2020

A portion of our income is donated to Animal Rescue and Spay and Neuter!

Payments accepted; cash, Zelle/Quickpay, or visa, mastercard, AMEX, discover, and via paypal. Paypal service fee applies. 

Rates for Walking and Hiking:  Ask about our package and rescue rates.  


Private Walks in your neighborhood for clients that need our monthly dog walking service of 5 times a week or more Mon-Fri between 9am-5pm. 


30 min-$27
45 min-$32
60 min-$40
Additional dogs $6 each dog

Potty Training:  Two walks/visits a day

25 min-$50
For one puppy up to 6 months of age.

We currently have openings for late afternoon/early evening 30 minute Group Walks for dogs located near the cross streets of Vine Ave/Lexington Ave. If you are in another area please let us know your cross streets to see if we service your area.

Dogs must pass a temperament test to walk in the group, our packs are kept small to assure safety and we take the dogs to areas that are very calm and peaceful for walking.  We transport dogs in crates for safety and walk with safety back up collars.

Group non 5x a week:
30 mins-$22
45 mins-$27
60 mins-$32

Group 5x a week:
30 mins-$20
45 mins-$25
60 mins-$30


Discount Packages offered for clients that book 5x a week or more per month.
Ask about our rescue discount!

Please note:  clients that request their dog to be walked during peak hours 12-2pm there is an additional $2 charge per walk and no discounts apply.  Unscheduled same day service (within 24 hours of service time) for existing clients is available for an additional $10 charge.

Transitioning your pet to a RAW diet, home cooked diet, or Mono feeding diet:

Many people want to feed their dogs a better diet, but don't know how or don't have the time.  We offer the service of making the transition for you and your pet at our location or in your home.  Prices start at $125 a day in the trainers home and $200 per day at the clients home.  This cost of food is additional and depends on the type of diet you are transitioning your pet to.  

If you would like to read about mono feeding a great resource is an ebook that available for a small fee on 

A portion of our profits are donated to Animal Rescue and Spay and Neuter!
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