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Dog Walking

We are your pet's best friend! 

You can read about their walk in our daily log sheet or get GPS maps, potty updates, & photos via text.  However you prefer!


Private walks are our specialty, but can do group walks with friendly dogs in your neighborhood.  

Walking a dog that pulls or barks uncontrolably is no way to live...ask us for a few training sessions to get your dog walking like a pro!

Our walkers are experienced in practicing leash training on dogs that have just completed Bow Wow Boot Camp or other training programs.  Obedience trained walkers help reinforce your pets new skills by being consistent and sticking to a routine.  You dog doesn't need to be professionally trained for us to be your walker as some dogs walk great without formal training, but if your dog needs some help, let us know.  

Additional in home services such as giving pets fresh water, feeding, administering meds, watering plants, leaving lights on, taking in packages, yard clean up, mail pick up and and behavioral observation of your pet are also offered during our visits free of charge, just let us know what you need.

WE ARE CURRENTLY SERVING:  West Hollywood, Miracle Mile, and certain areas of Hollywood Hills.
(We have many wonderful references that we can provide you upon request.)

We offer group walks for dogs that are friendly or already know each other.  Group walks are great for socialization, if you want your dog to participate in group walks, they need to pass a temperament test with the walking packs first to see what group is best suited for your pets temperament and speed.  

In the above photo, Jake (lab mix on the left) was a dog that was kicked out of numerous day cares for not being socialized, he now allowed back in daycare and loved his weekly pack walks.  Pie (Daushaund mix on the left) was scared of other dogs, people, walks, hikes etc...getting out with the pack built her confidence.  Bella (large aussie mix on the right) was aggressive towards dogs on leash, walking in a pack has taught her to get along with others.  

Pack walks are a great way to socialize, exercise and have fun!

Monthly Discounts on Monday-Friday dog walks!

Dog walking in West Hollywood and surrounding areas. We have a couple new openings in our schedule for private walks in the morning and afternoon (Weho area) and for group walks in the late afternoon/early evening (Sunset/Vine area).

20 min potty breaks, 30 min walks and 45 min walks! Get your dog out there in a private walk or a small pack walk! Say you saw the ad here to receive our special rate!

A portion of our income is donated to Animal Rescue and Spay and Neuter!

Monthly Discounts on Monday-Friday dog walks!
Sep 4, 9:00 AM – Oct 31, 5:00 PM
Dog walking in West Hollywood and surrounding areas. We have a couple new openings in our schedule for private walks in the morning and afternoon (Weho area) and for group walks in the late afternoon/early evening (Sunset/Vine area). 20 min potty breaks, 30 min walks and 45 min walks! Get your dog out there in a private walk or a small pack walk! Say you saw the ad here to receive our special rate!
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We currently offer dog walking for our clients that need us Monday through Friday 5x+ a week or more. 

We book walking monthly and clients prepay for each month on the first of the month for the dates they need for that month.  We have group walks/rates for dogs that pass a temperament test in specific areas and times M-F.

Same day service is available for existing clients and same day schedule changes are available for an additional charge.

Please see the rates page for pricing.

What makes a professional dog walker? 

  • They are dedicated to the job, i.e. not just looking to make a few dollars ‘in between jobs’.  This is our full time career!
  • They are reliable, and guarantee their ongoing availability.  We walk dogs 24/7, 365 days a year!
  • They are caring, affectionate and patient with animals.  We specialize in "tough or difficult" dogs due to trauma, health etc. We run a dog rescue so have extensive experience in working with many different breeds and temperaments.
  • They are properly trained and do they have extensive experience.  The owner of See Spot Stay is a dog trainer and all the walkers are professionally trained, not "certified" like these corporate business are trying to sell customers on.  Their "certification" is weak at best, we have done their test to see what they require and it's frightening that they are selling this as a safety feature of their business.  
  • They have an intimate understanding of dog behavior and body language.  We work with all types of personalities and have been hired by clients that had to fire the "trendy/uber" walkers due to their inability to work with the clients pet.
  • They react well in potentially dangerous situations.  All walkers are trained to be in the mind set that the worst case scenario could happen and are prepared for it before it happens.  
  • They have safety measures in place to ensure that dogs cannot get away from them outside.  We have been one of the only companies in LA that have been using the most effective safety measures with our clients dogs.  We have NEVER lost a dog, unfortunately a majority of the lost dogs are done by dog business employees, be it walkers or transport people.  
  • They take an active interest in the dogs they walk.  We know our clients dog like they are our own and we are aware of any slight changes in their behavior that needs to be addressed.
  • They are looking to bond with the dogs they walk on a long term basis.  We have clients for the life of the dog.  So many of our clients dogs have passed due to illness or old age and we have been with them every step of the way to help in anyway we can, our clients dogs are like our own personal dogs, we love them and cherish them.
  • They are honest in communicating problems and issues with dogs to their owners.  Absolutely is one of our many important responsibilities when we are caring for a clients dog.
  • They conduct themselves in a respectful and responsible manner in the client’s apartments.  A majority of our clients are high end, professionals or celebrities that have security cameras throughout their property, we treat every clients home like we are being watched via their security cameras, weather they have them or not.  
Our clients believe in supporting a small, local, grass roots, business that is managed by an experienced animal professional, not a tech start up financed by millions of investment dollars. 

We have kept our staff small on purpose.  We did expand at one point and have multiple walkers, but the people applying were so poorly qualified to be allowed in someone's home to care for their pets, it took us weeks to find just one walker to take on to train out in the field before we would let them walk clients dogs alone.  Honestly, the interviewing process was scaring as to who wants to be a dog walker and thinks they are qualified (because they already have a dog).  We feel this is THE most important job out there, we are taking care of a live animal, someone's "baby" we are responsible for their safety and well being and do not take this job lightly, as a part time gig in between finding a "real" job.  

Regarding these new companies that are now everywhere on line and via an app, it seems that the hiring process consists of filling out a multiple choice questionnaire, answering some more questions over the phone, watching a video, and attending an “in person” exam in which the object is to fit three kinds of harnesses to a dummy dog in 3 minute test.  Granted, knowing how to put a harness on a dog correctly is important (many owners are out there using incorrect fitting harnesses), but if this is the only hands on training, we are worried about all the dogs that are being taken out on the streets in these peoples care!  We recently saw a dog walker, walking a dog down the street w/the harness around the dog's neck like a collar...clearly she never took the all important harness test.  :(

What we have seen happening in the pet industry throughout the years has been very disheartening.  Those with no professional dog experience have jumped in because they saw this industry as a way to make easy money.  Pet parents are hiring inexperienced walkers or caregivers expecting to get a pet professional.  With these big new app companies, they pay the walkers very little knowing that the turn over will be filled with another person looking to make a quick buck.  

Sadly, you get what you paid for, and if the price is too good to be true, it probably isn't worth putting your pets life in the hands of those wishing to get rich off your pet with their more is better philosophy. 

Google the name of the business you are thinking of hiring and look for pet deaths caused by them, with these big businesses, it's unfortunately not hard to find story after story...

We are not in competition with these companies as we can only walk a finite amount of dogs per day, we are concerned for the safety of pets whose lives are entrusted to these companies.

Quality over Quantity is our motto, ask our clients and they will tell you they wouldn't have it any other way.

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